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Furious and fast on personnel


Melito Salazar Jr.

Melito S. Salazar Jr.

In business organizations, it is important that action on erring personnel is fast. Otherwise the wrong message that the business tolerates wrongdoing will be spread. Upon discovery of an offence, it is promptly brought to the Human Resource Department where the Personnel Evaluation and Review Committee deals with it. Administrative sanctions may be imposed ranging from dismissal to suspension depending on the gravity of the offence. If necessary a warranted civil case is initiated which can lead to imprisonment and severe penalties by a court of law. This takes time, sometimes years but emphasises the corporation determination to punish the wrongdoers.

In the public sector much of the complaints are that the distinction between administrative and civil cases are not emphasised to the public. Or an aberration occurs where an obvious civil offence is not brought to its due course and the personnel is merely shifted to another position rather than barred from holding another office. Keeping him out of government is the best solution while a criminal case is filed against him. Then the public can appreciate that justice is being served.

The case of Lapena is instructive. The Department of Justice is moving forward on the civil side but he occupies a new position. Former DOJ Secretary Aguirre was removed but no civil case that I know of has been initiated. Former DOJ Secretary and Senator Leila de Lima is in limbo with most expecting as long a detention as other senators like Revilla and Estrada until good fortune signs. My UP classmate Rey Claro Casambre has just been detained on what are allegedly trumped-up charges. At least he is in jail and not disappeared like Jonas Burgos who up to today we clamor for the truth.

It pains me to repeat the litany of those who up to now are lost, unaccounted for and disappeared. The sufferings of their parents, families and friends tear my heart and those who are going through the agony of my health condition. All that is asked is acknowledgement, acceptance and amends from other human beings. One can not bury the truth in one’s grave.

What is the worth of all the honours when the courts have already convicted you of the crime? What use are the glittering medals and colourful ribbons when the world sees the darkness in you? Is it not better to rise up like the Phoenix and brighten the world with your desire for forgiveness? You could be the model for others in the military field-duty well performed, honor untarnished.
Service above self even its an afterthought. At least people can say there is a path of redemption and forgiveness.

I hope the justice system in the business sector will be adopted by the Duterte administration. It has shown to be effective and efficient. It makes the distinctions clear. It serves its purpose. It should redeem the Duterte administration from the complaints against it. Then we will have justice for all.


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