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Road map to success


By Flor G. Tarriela

Monday, April 23 was the start of summer and a very hot day. As I alighted from the car, I felt dizzy and my stomach very upset. I threw everything out, felt so bad I went home.  Next day was PNB stockholders meeting, I was preparing to go but my daughter Tricia reminded me that    I have not taken anything and suggested to rest.  Fortunately, PNB Vice Chair Rico Alfiler is always ready and able and the stockholders meeting went smoothly.  That day I also missed the DOF anniversary celebration, I couldn’t believe that I will miss these two important events.  It   was actually fine Sunday in a family reunion and Monday I’m down!

But then it was also my fault as lately, I have been in a “see food diet.” I eat what I see.  And   finally it took its toll. High cholesterol and sugar plus the extreme heat were not a good combination.

Let me share with you some natural food remedies by Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan.

To reduce high blood pressure/hypertension, drink tea of balbas pusa, lemon grass, sambong,  and pandan; Eat garlic, okra and turmeric to reduce cholesterol; ampalaya, banana and camote are good for diabetes and to maintain blood sugar; To reduce creatinine levels and prevent kidney disease – KKMSS,  fresh leaves of Kangkong, Kamote, Malunggay, Sili and Saluyot.  Just wash, chop and serve with vinegar and muscovado / coconut sugar dressing; Moderation, regular medical checkup, healthy food, and exercise. “Health is Wealth.”

Then I saw John Maxwell’s book “Your Road Map to Success”. He said that “if I had only good health and nothing else, I don’t know that I would label myself “successful.” Health is important but life is more than just being healthy.

What is success?  He says “success is a journey and the journey is more fun if you know where you are going.  “Success is not the same for any two people” as we are all different.  What’s the traditional picture of success?  Usually most people think of successful person like Bill Gates and his wealth;  Albert Einstein and his intelligence; Walt Disney and his imagination; Manny Pacquiao and his boxing skills; Margie Moran, Gloria Diaz for their beauty;

But Maxwell said, “If you try to become just like one of them, you wouldn’t be successful. You will be a bad imitation of them and you would eliminate the possibility of becoming the person you were meant to be.”

His definition of SUCCESS:  Knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds to benefit others. Now, how will you know your purpose in life?  Here are some ways:

1.What is the strong desire, the passion in your heart?  what is your dream?  Your vision for yourself?

2.Take stock of your uniqueness and talents.  Your abilities, the resources (time, money, network, opportunities) available to you.

Some tips to growing towards your potential.  He suggest to:

Focus. Concentrate on one main goal.

Continually improve yourself.  Each day should be better than yesterday.

Don’t dwell on past mistakes. Move on and

Look forward to the future.

He says:  “A dream without a positive attitude produces a daydreamer.  A positive attitude without a dream produces a pleasant person who can’t progress.  A dream together with a positive attitude produces a person with unlimited possibilities and potential.”  In other words, with better attitude, you will go farther and can even mean the difference between success and failure.

How do you know if you have a great attitude?  He says that in addition to seeing the glass half full, they exhibit qualities such as the following:

1.Belief in Self.  They have self-confidence and so they are not worried about how they look or what others think of them. They see themselves in a more objective light and look for ways to improve themselves.

2.Focus on Solutions, not Problems.

3.Desire to Give.  People that are givers rather than takers (what they can get) are generally positive people.

4.Persistence. They are not easily discouraged and keep going with a positive attitude that success is just around the corner.

5.They take responsibility for their actions and not blame others.

So how do you develop positive attitude? Here are some of his suggestions:

Be with Positive People

Live in the present. Don’t dwell on the past.

Find ways to relieve stress

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Claim responsibility, not rights.

How would you like to go from disappointment, even failure, to unexpected opportunities?  From one level of achievement to even higher than you can even dream of?  Let’s know our purpose in life.  Life is short.   We need to be healthy and  live our lives with a purpose!


Ms. Tarriela is Chairman of Philippine National Bank. She is the first Filipina Vice President of Citibank N.A., and formerly Undersecretary of Finance and a 2018 Inspiring Filipina awardee on Intrapreneurship.  She is a natural farmer and an environmentalist.

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